Dental Implants

So you’ve lost a tooth (or maybe a few) and you’d like to get them back. You’ve probably asked, "what is my best option?" In most cases, your best option a dental implant - a single tooth solution to a single tooth problem. What that means is that we can help you replace the tooth, or teeth, you’ve lost, without involving any other teeth in any way. This means no drilling any of your other teeth as we would for dental bridges or partial dentures.

How do dental implants work?

So how does it work? We’ll take a look at the area where you’ve lost a tooth or teeth to ensure that the bone in the area is adequate for a dental implant. Once we have that taken care of, we place the implant in the bone and usually allow it 3-6 months to heal, depending on where it is in your mouth. Once the implant has fused to your bone, we'll place a connecting piece we call an abutment into the implant and then put your crown on so you can start smiling and chewing again.

Questions about dental implants? Call us today!

Of course, there are variations to the process we just described as there can be some circumstances that require other procedures or precautions. Whatever your situation, we can help. Just give us a call at 435-753-4400 and we'll help you decide what is best for you and your smile.